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About the Commune

Geographical location

   The commune covers an area of 99.09 square kilometres and as of 2008 its total population is 3931.

    The Commune of Rybczewice is a rural commune in Świdnik County, Lublin Voivodeship, in eastern Poland. Its seat is the village of Rybczewice, which lies approximately 24 kilometres south-east of Świdnik and 32 kilometres south-east of the regional capital Lublin.
    The Commune of Rybczewice contains the villages and settlements of Bazar, Choiny, Częstoborowice, Izdebno, Izdebno-Kolonia, Pilaszkowice Drugie, Pilaszkowice Pierwsze, Podizdebno, Rybczewice, Rybczewice Pierwsze, Stryjno Drugie, Stryjno Pierwsze, Stryjno-Kolonia, Wygnanowice and Zygmuntów.

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Contact with the office

Communal Office in Rybczewice
Rybczewice Drugie 119,
21-065 Rybczewice
tel.:   (081) 585 40 03,
fax.:   (081) 585 40 18;
Office hours:
Monday-Friday: 8.00-16.00
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Public Information Bulletin

Map of the Commune


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